British Expats

IAM assists British expats with the transfer or management of their UK pensions and with cross-border US/UK financial planning issues

British Expat Issues

Individual Asset Management assists British expatriates with the transfer or management of their UK pensions and with US/UK cross-border financial planning and investment management. For more information on our pension transfer service, please see our UK Pension Transfer page located here.

British citizens who have moved to the United States face new and complex tax, estate planning, and investment issues. IAM has assembled a team of cross-border US/UK specialists to help with such matters. An IAM financial planner can help you with many of the issues you face as an expatriate and can direct you to trusted specialists in various financial fields if need be.

Our UK/US Network:

  • SIPP and QROPS providers for UK pension transfer or account management
  • Brokerage firm that offers multi-currency investment accounts and access to both US and UK markets at discount brokerage prices
  • UK-based financial planner
  • Cross-border tax professionals to help with both US and UK tax issues
  • US estate planning attorney familiar with issues pertaining to holding assets in both countries
  • Firm that facilitates currency transfers at much better rates than through banks and can provide currency hedging for specific transactions as well as a periodic payments arrangement
  • Immigration attorney familiar with employment and investment visas



* IAM is a member of the British-American Business Council

** Please note that IAM is not authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority