For clients who wish to work with a portfolio manager to put in place a long-term, buy-and-hold type investment strategy

Portfolio Advisory Service

Our Portfolio Advisory service is intended for clients who wish to work together with a portfolio manager to put in place a long-term, buy-and-hold type investment strategy based upon individual goals and needs. This service is ideal for investment accounts where the investment options are limited, such as 401k or other types of pension accounts that are limited to a selection of mutual funds or other types of pooled investments. Or this service can also be employed where the client simply prefers a buy-and-hold investment strategy that focuses on long-term goals and does not attempt to make tactical portfolio adjustments in response to changes in investment climate.

Your advisor works with you to optimize your strategy based upon your risk tolerance, return expectations, and market conditions. This affords you the opportunity to take advantage of a professional portfolio manager’s knowledge and experience while keeping advisory costs low.

Your IAM portfolio manager monitors your account on a quarterly basis and makes changes as necessary, always in keeping with the overall investment strategy. This strategy is outlined in your Investment Policy Statement and updated as necessary on a yearly basis. You receive a comprehensive yearly performance review, quarterly statements, and on-line access to your account.

For less than the cost of many mutual funds, our portfolio advisory service provides a personalized investment strategy based upon your specific investment goals. Unlike with mutual funds, you always know which investments you hold in your portfolio and you are not constrained to any investment category.

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