Our Clients

Clients on four continents trust IAM to help them grow their investment portfolios and attain their financial goals. We provide portfolio management, financial planning, and financial consulting services to individuals and small businesses on a discretionary or consultative basis.

Our expatriate clients benefit from a relationship with a financial services firm that is based in the United States but that specializes in expatriate financial issues and global investment strategies. We understand the expatriate lifestyle because we have been there ourselves.

Our US clients benefit from a global investment approach and a network of professionals to help with any financial planning need.

As an IAM client, you can always count on dealing directly with a financial advisor who holds the highest professional credentials in their field and who has the experience to take a proactive approach to offering guidance specifically tailored to your situation.

US Expatriates

The financial issues faced by American expatriates differ from those of Americans living in the United States in certain very important respects. Investment account management, taxation, estate planning, currency transfers and hedging, as well as global investment diversification are important considerations for US citizens living abroad and only a financial advisor that specializes in such issues will be able to help.

At IAM we understand expatriate issues because our advisors have many years of expat experience themselves and because, since our firm was founded in 2002, we have specialized in American expatriate clients.

Please see the “US Expats” section of our website for further details.

Non-US Citizens in the USA

As a non-US citizen living in the United States you face financial considerations that may be quite different from those in your home country. Pension plans, taxation of income and investments, estate tax, and retirement and education savings accounts work differently in the United States than in other countries.

Furthermore, for individuals and families with assets in both the United States and other countries, it is necessary to consider the cross-border implications of managing these assets. Cross-border tax, estate planning, and portfolio management are highly specialized fields – at IAM we have in-house expertise and a global network of cross-border professionals who help our clients address such financial planning concerns.

Please see the “Expats in the USA” section of our website.

British Expatriates

British citizens who have moved to the United States face new and complex tax, estate planning, and investment issues. IAM has assembled a team of cross-border US/UK specialists to help with such matters. An IAM financial planner can help you with many of the issues you face as an expatriate and can direct you to trusted specialists in various financial fields if need be.

IAM assists British expatriates living outside the UK with the transfer of their British pensions and advises on the viability of such transfers and on alternatives to transfer for US citizens and residents.

Please see the “British Expats” section of our website.

Globally-Minded Investors

Since 2002 IAM has specialized in investment management for expatriates – Americans living outside the USA and non-US citizens living in the USA. As a result of this specialization we have developed considerable expertise in managing globally-allocated investment portfolios and we offer this expertise to any client who would like to take advantage of global investment opportunities.

Our investment accounts are multi-currency and we have access to over 100 market centers in 20 countries at very reasonable trading and currency exchange costs.

The United States now makes up less than 50% of the global investment market so it makes sense to access opportunities in other markets. Increasingly many companies are choosing to list in only non-US markets and so their shares cannot be purchased by a broker with only US access.

Furthermore, non-US companies tend to pay higher dividends and may offer substantial diversification benefits within a globally-allocated portfolio.

US Companies With Non-US Citizen Employees

IAM provides consulting services to US companies with non-US citizen employees. If such employees are new to the USA they may not fully understand such issues as how their pension plans work and the treatment of these plans should the employee at some point return to his or her country of citizenship. Furthermore, new US residents may face difficulty in establishing credit or obtaining a mortgage and may be unfamiliar with how the US financial and tax system works. IAM advisors will contract with companies to consult one-on-one or in a seminar format with such employees to familiarize them with the US financial system and advise them on their specific financial needs.

Please see the “Expats in the USA” section of our website.